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Oct. 20, 2018(EX) Montana TechButte, Montana2 p.m.Recap | Box
Oct. 23, 2018(EX) Rocky Mountain CollegeBillings, Montana7 p.m.Recap | Box
Oct. 30, 2018(EX) Rocky Mountain CollegeShrine7 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 1, 2018California Miramar UniversityShrine68-102 LRecap | Box
Nov. 2, 2018California Miramar UniversityThe Shrine66-78 LRecap | Box
Nov. 9, 2018(EX) University of Montana WesternDillon, Montana7:30 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 10, 2018(EX) University of Montana WesternDillon, Montana1 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 13, 2018(EX) Minot State UniversityMinot, ND7:30 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 16, 2018(EX) University of MaryBismarck, North Dakota7:30 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 23, 2018The University of Los Angeles - College of DivinityCompton, California7 p.m.Recap | Box
Nov. 24, 2018California Miramar UniversityMontebello, California3 p.m.Recap | Box
Dec. 7, 2018(EX) Lewis-Clark State CollegeLewiston, Idaho6 p.m.Recap | Box
Dec. 8, 2018(EX) Lewis-Clark State CollegeLewiston, Idaho2 p.m.Recap | Box
Dec. 14, 2018New Hope Christian CollegeEugene, Oregon7 p.m.Recap | Box
Dec. 15, 2018New Hope Christian CollegeEugene, Oregon1 p.m.Recap | Box
Dec. 17, 2018Portland Bible CollegePortland, Oregon7 p.m.Recap | Box
Dec. 18, 2018Portland Bible CollegePortland, Oregon7 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 11, 2019Oak Hills Christian CollegeBemidji, Minnesota8 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 12, 2019Oak Hills Christian CollegeBemidji, Minnesota2 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 14, 2019Oglala Lakota CollegeKyle, South Dakota7 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 15, 2019Oglala Lakota CollegeKyle, South Dakota7 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 18, 2019Salish Kootenai CollegeShrine7 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 19, 2019Salish Kootenai CollegeShrine1 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 25, 2019Portland Bible CollegeShrine7 p.m.Recap | Box
Jan. 26, 2019Portland Bible CollegeShrine1 p.m.Recap | Box
Feb. 1, 2019Salish Kootenai CollegePablo, Montana7 p.m.Recap | Box
Feb. 2, 2019Salish Kootenai CollegePablo, Montana1 p.m.Recap | Box
Feb. 15, 2019Oglala Lakota CollegeShrine7 p.m.Recap | Box
Feb. 16, 2019Oglala Lakota CollegeShrine1 p.m.Recap | Box

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